A Declaration of Intent

Oh. My.

I have a belief.  Proselytizing (for anything) via storytelling will make for a poor story.  Your movie might get your “message” across, but it will be a burden or an embarrassment to sit through.  Whether you are trying to sell politics or religion or just “core values”?  Unless you are massively talented?  You most likely will fail to make a movie or TV show or book that is actually good.  And conservatives seem to be worse at this.  I would say of films that were good with a clear agenda?  Most of them were by Liberals.  They seem better able weave their messages into their stories.

So, let’s look at the goals of this new group:

Do you feel like your country is changing? Do you feel like your elected officials no longer represent your values?
Do you ever wonder how thing got the way they are?

Oh, people standing up against injustice and bigotry.  People making a stand for the rights of all, not just the rights of some.  He is right though.  People like Sarah Palin, Eric Cantor, Michelle Bachmann and John Boehner do not represent my values at all.  Oh wait…that isn’t what he meant, is it?

For forty years now, Hollywood has been championing the anti-hero, attacking businessmen and the military, maligning people of faith, and assaulting the family.  In short, demeaning all of the things that have made America the most exceptional country in the history of the world.

Hollywood has also portrayed those people (soldiers, businessmen, religious people and families) as heroes through the years as well.  And the “anti-hero” is an old card that has been celebrated in the past as “rugged individualism”.

And frankly, we do not need movies that portray America as “the most exceptional country in the history of the world”.  It’s not like our only options are treat Amercia as the source of pure evil or Amazing and beautiful and totally unique beacon in the world.

These anti-American forces have been so successful only because they have been unopposed.

I am really tired of the “Hollywood Hates America” meme that has existed since memes ever actually were known by that name.  Seriously, it is tired and a lie.  Conservatives?  You are not the only people who like America.  Questioning some of the choices our government makes is not hatred.  You should understand that, since you suddenly flip flopped from considering dissent treason to considering it patriotism in about… oh, November of 2008.

I would like to believe this is a joke website, an elaborate prank… or at worst, some clever money scam.  But I suspect the motives are “pure.”

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  1. Man, this is wrong on so many levels, not just that Hollywood hates America but that those stories Hollywood tells that are in any way critical of America are bad for America.
    And he doesn’t think that at least SOME American corporations aren’t focused on greed and control? (Haliburton, BP, etc.)

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