Video Blog: Entertainment Weekly Is On Notice

I am taking Entertainment Weekly to task for their sins and crimes against me.

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  1. This is one of the few times I have to disagree…Glee is awesome for much more than Jane Lynch.

    Anyway, odd TV watching habits for a straight southern male aside.

    I really liked the vid and cracked up.
    It’s really funny (and sad) how entitled some folks are, how dare they devote an issue to something they don’t care about.

    I kind of wish I knew what that kind of entitlement actually felt like, but then again it’s hard to write a letter of indignation that the major music mags aren’t covering Emilie Autumn and Voltaire (Hernández) enough.

  2. Yeah, I exaggerated a bit there. I don’t really hate Glee. I just have not been able to get into the show. I’ve tried. I don’t begrudge people who dislike it.

    Glad you enjoyed the video. Yeah, I read that letter and realized it was full of unintended comedy. Seriously, it is one thing to write to a magazine expressing disagreement with something said in an article. But simply to complain because they talked about a show or movie I do not care about?

  3. I think I stopped reading People magazine around 1993, when they would write about people that not only I didn’t care about, I didn’t even know.
    For EW, the ratio’s somewhat better, tho I do agree about The Hills and Twilight, especially. as for Glee: here’s a prediction – Mike O’Malley for best guest actor. Seriously.

    1. Agreed on Mike O’Malley.

      He definitely shocked me with how good an actor he is, I like almost the entire cast, but he’s one of, if not the, best actor of the bunch.

      If you had told me I’d say “best actor” and “Mike O’Malley” in the same sentence back when I caught him on “Yes Dear” I’d have thought you were insane.

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