Just a Suggestion, MSNBC

I think it is time for MSNBC to put Mika Brzezinski on her own show.  Maybe at 3AM.  There she can rant for an hour about how terrible people are who eat fast food and how disgusting fat people are.  On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough came right out and said the harder she is on McDonald’s, the more he would praise them.  This is because Brzezinski is on a “Health Crusade”.  This means that, in the name of the children and health, Brzezinski gets all stern and jumps for joy at the notion of taxes on high calorie foods and drinks.  She often talks about how unattractive overweight people are…and yesterday (as she has before) she asked if Scarborough would show his belly to the world.  And then she followed it up with “but this is a family friendly show in the morning and people would be horrified.”  Yes, Mika, fat people scare children.  Afterall, we might devour them.

A few years ago, she won the praise of Feminists for refusing to read a story about Paris Hilton on the air (she attempted to set the script on fire on the air).  They mistakenly thought that she was on their side.  They defended her and talked about how the other hosts made fun of her…but Mika ridicules her co-hosts regularly.  And her refusal to read the Hilton story was not founded in any sense of Feminist ideology.  Brzezinski is the guiltiest party of slut shaming that has appeared on morning Joe.  She routinely condemns women for not living up to her standard of proper morality.  She often puts on an act of offended prudishness at the mere hint of risqué humor.  Yet, if she makes the suggestive joke, it’s… well, okay.  She coos to Willie Geist if “it is time”, before his News You Can’t Use segment-but will become upset over the silly news stories about celebrities.

Really, Brzezinski is terrific at condemning people (and defending people maybe she should not-like the Senator who head locked that kid).  On Monday, she talked about the recently announced New York cigarette tax and how the tax could result in cigarettes costing $11 a pack.  She snidely started to say “if you are stupid enough to pay that…” and then got cut off.  Yes, Mika.  Smokers are just stupid.  That is why they pay ridiculous amounts of money for cigarettes.  It is not an addiction or anything.  Just stupidity.

Frankly, I suspect Mika Brzezinski just hates people.  Smokers.  Fat People.  Pop singers.  So, again, if MSNBC has to keep her?  Give her a show at 3AM.  Replace her with ay of the smarter, more clever and interesting women who guest on Morning Joe.  It is amazing to me that the person I find hardest to put up with is the main liberal.  But I find her liberal credentials a bit wanting…

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  1. It is so obvious this woman hates anyone who is not perfect on appearance. As a liberal woman who has struggled with weight issues I find her sorry ass attitude despicable
    She needs removed from Morning Joe.

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