I’d Agree With Rahm Emanuel…

About BP’s Hayworth going yachting if…well, you know… the President had not gone golfing.  The mess is BP’s fault, but it is still the appearance of caring that matters.  It matters if it looks like the President is taking the time out for fun while oter people are trying to determine what to do.

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2 thoughts on “I’d Agree With Rahm Emanuel… Leave a comment

  1. well, I suppose it’s a matter of degree. Yachting on CLEAN water seems more in-your-face. And a President does have other responsbilities to deal with besides the BP oil disaster…

  2. like golf? 😉

    There is a lot of crap to deal with right now…taking a time for golf seems like a bad choice, message wise. But point taken about the clean water part.

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