Acting Held At Bay…

So, recently, Megan Fox quit Transformers 3.  Not a big deal or anything.  She mentioned Michael Bay being rather unpleasant.  This doesn’t surprise me.  Bay seems like the Frat Boy Director.  Really, his movies have no real role for women beyond looking really hot.  It is quite clear looking over the course of his career that he really dislikes women beyond their “aesthetic value.”   Can they act?  Who cares about that? I really don’t think Bay had any interest in if Scarlett Johannson or Live Tyler could emote.

No, Michael Bay pretty much doesn’t care if a woman brings a personality to the table.  As long as there is a great rack and pouty lips?  He’s ready to point the camera and shoot.  And just how do I know this?  You know who Bay replaced Megan Fox with?   A Victoria’s Secret model.  Who has never acted a day in her life.  I suspect if Bay had his way, he would just pick all his leading ladies from Victoria’s Secret Catalogs and Playboy.

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