But I Deserve All The Stuff I Did Not Earn!

So, after last night’s showing of the MTV Movies awards they showed a preview of some show on VH1 about rich spoiled brats getting cut off from their golden tickets.  I was going to try and sugar coat that…but when you listen to an adult cry about how she doesn’t understand how a lifestyle she never earned but rather lucked into by birth is something she deserves and she has never done anything wrong?  I lose any charitable feelings.

I’m not a big believer in the idea that we have or get what we deserve.  The world of people is a world of selfishness, that is often forced to choose goodness over naturally reaching towards it.  And this show You’re Cut Off is just an ugly circus mirror of what humanity is prone to.  What’s darkly humorous is that each of these women on this show are unpleasant and plastic people.  They are full of insecurity and right away they are judging each other and proclaiming who is fake.  Hey, news flash, kids… you are all fake and shallow.

I suggest these girls watch a video clip of Ken Jeong’s acceptance speech on the MTV movie awards.  Watching him fight back tears as he thanked his wife and friends for helping them get through a tough time… the passion as he tried to get that out… and to see that kind of display at the MTV Movie Awards?  Why?  What can be gleaned from Ken?  He was witness to some tough times.  His wife went through breast cancer, and that makes you think about what is important in life.  It’s the people you know.  Not the money you have.

Am I saying the rich never earned their status?  No.  But the fact is, most rich people are paid more than they deserve.  Look at the guy running BP.  I don’t think he’s living in a shack.  But the fact is, people need to step back and realize few are rich because they actually earned it all.  Most are overpaid, from hot shot Hollywood stars to the guys in the boardroom.  We do not necessarily have what we deserve and the sooner a person realizes that?  The better off they can be.

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