The Worst Thing a President Could Ever Do

And it is clear he hates our troops.

There are plenty of things to criticize President Barack Obama.  Frankly?  His approach to DADT has been absolutely terrible.  Not to mention the questionable handling of that minor drop in the ocean.

But what has people really angry?


The President will be in Chicago for Memorial Day.  He will honor fallen soldiers at Lincoln National Cemetery.  Joe Biden will lay a Wreath at Arlington.  Why does it make people angry?  According to Michael Savage?  This is unprecedented.  And, considering the outrage.  I am pretty sure he is correct.  I mean, could you imagine the outrage if George W. Bush skipped Memorial day at Arlington? Okay, that is a bad example.  Imagine if Ronald Reagan were to have missed one year-oh, wait-he missed four years out of eight.  Okay, imagine if George H. Bush…oh forget it.  He never showed up at Arlington once.  Not Once.  Only draft Dodger Bill Clinton made it each year of his Presidency.

Some have tried to claim Obama is still making a first.  No president before him skipped it for their vacation.  Both Reagan (once) and Bush senior (three times) skipped the event for vacations.  So, pardon me while I call this fake outrage…well, fake.  In my entire life, I have never seen it be an issue in the past.  The President addressing and honoring veterans and the fallen for their sacrifice from somewhere other than Arlington National Cemetery has never been a moral outrage when Republican Presidents did it for the same reasons Obama is.

I’ll be blunt, there is no moral high ground for the outrages on this.  I don’t care if you father is buried in Arlington, or you are a veteran.  You outrage is a manufactured one.  Many of the people I have seen so angry are surprised to find out that Bush, Bush and Reagan also missed it for similar reasons.  They never paid attention for prior Presidents…but now it matters?  Now they pay attention?  This isn’t about any disrespect Obama has committed.  This is about looking for any excuse to condemn the President as some sort of evil monster.

So, while his critics piss and moan about some delusional dis-respect that President Obama is not committing against Veterans or anyone else?  I will join the President in honoring the sacrifice of Veterans, both living and dead.

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