Armageddon It?

So, the other night before going to bed I watched a documentary called Waiting For Armageddon.  It was an interesting look at Christians waiting for the End Times and how it impacts their attitudes toward Israel.  I could go into all the weird things people said (such as a woman who claimed without Christianity we would not have jet planes).  But I’ll recommend you chck it out on Netflix, it is one of their Watch Instantly movies.  It’s thought provoking and a bit depressing.  But what stood out to me most as I watched?  The tremendous sense of disconnect I felt listening to all these Christians.

It was as if they were speaking of a God I had never met…a God I had little interest and desire to know.  It was a bloodthirsty God who reveled in misery and destruction.  Little was setting their God apart as one worth serving…and I found myself realizing that, long ago, I kind of was able to see thrugh their glasses.  But not anymore.  It felt like I was stepping into a foreign land to be honest.

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  1. I can understand what you mean.
    I was never a hardcore “want the end of the world” type, but I used to be far closer to the “conservative Christian” stereotype than the “spiritual leftist” I’ve more come to be.

    I haven’t watched the documentary, but I’ll check it out soon.
    I have never understood the desire for the end of the world.
    Infact the whole concept of Armageddon and the multiple horrible things described are pretty much what drove me away from “Christianity” and into identifying as a “Follower of Christ”.

    I like this plain of existence, I like a lot of the people in it (some Christian, many not) I don’t want it all destroyed.

    The truth is to me alot of the desire for the end of the world reminds me of the saying “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

    I think alot of people want that end of the world because it’d prove they were right, and everyone else was wrong.

    Me, I’d rather be happy and enjoy this world while I can.
    The world may or may not end, but I certainly will (hopefully not for a long time, but certainly one day.

  2. I’m what you’d call the “Christian Left”, and my attitude toward the rapture is essentially the same as my attitude toward death: we should try to forestall it, but in the end it happens when it happens. I get really nervous when I see people, especially people in positions of power, who want to “speed things along”.

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