Lost Five Oh!

The last episode of Lost airs on Sunday, kiddies!

Lost’s fifth season?  Confusing, but exciting.


The season begins with those left on the island now leaping through time.  Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday, Charlotte, Miles, Rose, Bernard gather with other survivors and head for their old camp.  This tends to be a problem, as sometimes the camp is there and sometimes it isn’t.  Suddenly somebody attacks with flaming arrows.  Why?  Because flaming arrows are cool, dude!  They all scatter.  Elsewhere, John Locke is trying to find anyone, eventually meeting Richard who informs him that John needs to get off the Island and that, oh yeah, to save everyone?  He has to die.

Off the Island, three years later, John is dead and Jack and Ben are teamed up together trying to convince everyone else they have to go back to the Island.  The Island is not done with them yet.  The problem is, nobody really wants to go back.  Afterall, Hurley has a much better life off the island in an asylum, Kate is panicked, trying to raise a son (Aaron), Sayid’s a hitman for Ben.  Sun is raising her daughter and has taken over the controlling share of her father’s business.  Her father was jerk anyways.

Back on the Island, hurtling through time, John has met up with Sawyer, Juliet, Charlotte, Faraday and Miles.  They meet up with a bunch of Others who have a big ol’ bomb.  Faraday convinces the Others to bury the bomb and then, BAM!  They are gone.  Elsewhere, Jin is found by some French people.  Astute viewers will realize this is Rousseau (who I never mentioned) who was on the island for sixteen years before the flight 815 crash.  Her daughter was stolen by Ben and raised as his own.  I forgot to mention that.

Jin keeps popping through time and finally runs into the rest of the surviving castaways.  John finds a well that leads to the donkey wheel.  He hopes to save everyone on the island because they are starting to have ongoing headaches and bleeding from orifices.  Well, their eyes, noses and ears.  John turns the wheel, pops out in Tunisia, three years later and is picked up by people working for Charles Widmore.  This seems to fix things on the island.  They are no longer time hopping.  They are stuck in the 70’s and end up joining the Dharma Initiative.

In 2007, John is unsuccessful in getting anyone to go back.  John goes suicidal, and then Ben saves him.  Just as things get warm and fuzzy Ben kills John.  Ben gets Jack to help convince everyone to go back.  They are not really successful, but a series of events gets everyone on a plane.  Including some mysterious people who seem to have an agenda.  Apparently, they work for Jacob.  Oh, and Frank Lapidus is flying the plane.  One of the best scenes in the series is when he sees all the survivors on the plane.

The plane suddenly starts shaking and there is a violet light. and suddenly Frank is trying to land the plane and Jack, Sayid, Kate and Hurley find themselves in 1977.  After a crash landing, those in 2007 discover John Locke alive and well.  He declares he wants to meet Jacob.  We’ve yet to meet Jacob, but apparently he is not some imaginary character.

John leads a crew of Others, including Richard and Ben across the Island to meet Jacob.  In 1977 Jack and Faraday get the idea that if they set off a nuclear bomb over a mystical power point on the island they can fix everything.  No, really.  This ends badly.  Because when Jack says he can fix things?  It usually means people will die.  Good going, Jack.

In 2007 John and the Others arrive at the foot of the status from season 2.  Richard tells John he cannot just walk in, and he surely cannot take Ben with.  But John basically says, yeah, whatever.  They go inside.  Jacob’s people show up with a box and greet Richard.  They tell him he needs to take a look in the box.  Again, no Paltrow head…but Day-YAM!  It’s the body of John Locke!!!

“John” and Ben meet Jacob.  So, yeah, he is real.  Ben kills Jacob for “John”.  With his dying breathe, Jacob tells “John” that “they” are coming.  In 1977 the bomb goes off and… look at that that white screen!  No season 6 recap.  I am planning to do some posts of some substance in the near future after the finale though.

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