Looking Fourward At Lost…

I apologize, for how incoherent these are.  By the end you will feel like you have watched the whole series even if you never saw an episode.  And it won’t make a lick of sense.

Season 4 was one long batch of crazy twists.  Having officially moved into flash forwards, explaining what happened three years after the events taking place on the island and things started to get crazy.

Now split into two Groups, one led by Jack, the other by John, the survivors have discovered this is not Penny’s boat.  John believes Ben that the boat means something bad is going to happen.  Jack still clings to the idea that they are saving people.  His confidence is bolstered when we meet Physicist Daniel Faraday, Charlotte and Miles.  They claim to be there to help the people.  Miles is treated as a prisoner by John and Ben, and Mile’s willingness to bargain suggests there might be something sinister about to go down.  Meanwhile Faraday and Charlotte manage to become part of Jack’s team.  They appear to not be fully aware of why they are there.  Miles reveals that the freighter was sent by Charles Widmore.  We still do not know Widmore’s ties to the island in season four-beyond he knows about it and wants Ben.

To that end, he has sent Martin Keany and a bunch of mercenaries to the island.  Keamy is jerk.  But it turns out, Ben was on to the plan and has a spy on the boat-Michael.  Life off the island has been unkind to Michael.  It has driven a wedge between him and Walt.  Michael has become suicidal, but every attempt fails.  Tom Friendly (an Other we have met in previous seasons) meets Michael and convinces him the Island is not done with him yet.  This is a common theme for the series.  We hear that phrase almost every season.

Eventually, Keamy tracks down Ben, and he has Ben’s daughter.  In one of the most shocking moments, Ben tries to save his daughter by claiming she doesn’t matter to him-and at first it seems like typical Ben-but when she dies mid-way through his spiel, Ben appears to break a bit inside.  Ben, the clever and creepy guy we all hated, had one small area of heart.  And it sets Ben off.  Ben runs off to sic the smoke monster on Keamy and company.  Ben shows up in Widmore’s bedroom and promises to kill Penny-a daughter for a daughter.

Keamy storms back to the freighter gets more weapons and has their pilot fly them back.  The pilot is not on the side of Keamy, he is definitely working under duress.  Honestly, along with Mile, the pilot rank Lapidus is one of my favorite additions of season 4.  He’s the gruff and funny skeptic.  He’s got a tie to the island in that he was supposed to fly Oceanic flight 815 the day of the crash.  Anyways, Faraday and Charlotte start trying to shuttle the remaining survivors who want to leave the island to the freighter.  After the Others show up and take out Keamy’s men, Ben lets Kate, Jack, Sawyer Frank and Hurley take the helicopter.  They start heading for the freighter.  John and Ben are on a mission to move the island.

What everyone is unaware of?  Keamy has a giant bomb on the freighter.  Sayid, Jin and Michael are trying to diffuse it before anyone sets it off.  Sayid warns the arriving passengers to get off the freighter… there is a big bomb.  So Faraday turns around after leaving Sun on the boat.

As the helicopter heads back towards the freighter, Frank notices they are losing fuel.  Turns out a bullet hit the tank.  After trying to clear the helicopter of anything heavy, they still have to much weight-so Sawyer jumps and swims back to the island.  Arriving on the freighter, where they are warned to not land by Desmond. But it’s too late to turn around.  They try and patch the tank quickly and gas back up, while getting everyone on the helicopter.  Jin, Michael and Sayid are trying to stop the bomb.  Frank starts loading the plane with people (Jack, Hurley, Sun, baby Aaron-Claire’s kid…it should be noted, Claire got up and walked off into the night) while Kate ran to get Jin, but Sayid runs out and says, no way, no time get on the helicopter.  Michael tells Jin to go be with his pregnant wife, so Jin runs off.   But he gets to the deck after the helicopter is lifting off.  Sun is screaming for them to go back, but everyone knows it is too late.  Meanwhile, Ben and John are preparing to have John move the island.  They are in a sub-level of a different hatch and Keamy shows up.  Ben kills Keamy, who had a deadman’s switch to set off the giant bomb on the freighter.

And down below in the freighter, Michael finds out what happens when the island is done with you.


Ben suddenly tells Ben that he will move the island instead.  Since moving the island banishes you from it and John is the new leader of the Others.  Ben crawls down a hole to a frozen cave, where he finds a “donkey wheel”.  He starts to move the wheel and as it turns the sky goes purple and everyone starts holding their heads and-

What the heck happened to the island?  It’s gone.  This is bad news for the helicopter with Frank, Hurley, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Desmond, Sawyer, Sun and Sayid, as they now have nowhere to land and they are running out of fuel.  They throw out the life raft and then crash.  Everyone crawls into the life raft and they float along until they are found by Penny Widmore, Desmond’s lost (now found love).  And then, they try and figure out what to do.  They have to lie of course, and season five is all about telling lies and how it ruins you.

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