V:This Time It is Final! (Part 2)

Lets move right on into the spoilers, shall we?

Part two of the second mini-series opens on Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside) taking snap shots of the rebel hideout.  The rebels catch him, but it turns out he has an ace in the hole…his partner Chris (Mickey Jones).  Turns out Ham and Mike know each other.  Ham is a master of covert operations and he wants in.  Ham is a member of a world wide anti-Visitor network.  Mike and Ham don’t get along, but it gets cut short as the Visitors show up.

They have a shootout that ends with Ham showing why he has really shown up…to make wry quips.  Like when he observes a dead Visitor, “Now that’s a waste of good luggage”.  In the meantime, Eleanor accepts the late Kristine’s job.  Her husband Art has sobered up and walks out, appalled at his wife’s choice.  She has made a request of the Visitors to get her grandson back.

We also witness that Harmony still cares about Willie and tries to give him food.  Willie cannot understand why she is being so nice to him.  Honestly, Willie is such a sweet likable character, it is hard not to feel sorry for him.

Juliet (by the way, everyone calls her Julie-maybe I should as well) is in the conversion chamber.  Basically it shows you images inspired by your most primal fears.  It also requires you to wear a tight flesh colored leotard.  Julie proves to be strong, so they start to up the power.  Diana is calling out saying she can help make it all go away.  Julie has a heart attack from the intense fear.

Diana gets a surprise when the leader sends Pamela (Sarah Douglas) to oversee things.  She continues to try and break Julie (she survived her heart attack) by filling her mind with rubber monsters to chase her.  Man, I wonder how the new series will deal with this concept.  Suddenly, Mike breaks in to save Julie!  She is sa-somebody shoots and kills Mike.  Oh boy.

Diana is very pleased with this development, until they reveal that Mike is actually a Visitor in disguise.  Martin recommends they move their prisoners to earth so they can weed out the traitors.  Maggie (Denise Galik) is a rebel member who is sleeping with Daniel.  He is over confident and in bragging about himself starts to reveal some of the Visitor plans.

The Visitors are bringing Julie down with them, it appears she has finally broken and is wearing a Visitor uniform.  What they are unaware of is that the Resistance is there.  Ruby (Camila Ashland) is an old actress, and was a friend of Abraham’s (the Holocaust survivor and grandfather of Daniel from the first mini series).  She has been working covertly, but is discovered by Daniel in the basement.  She tries to appeal to Daniel’s goodness, but his pride gets in the way, resulting in Ruby’s death.  But they do manage to save Julie.

Dissension begins to occur in the rebels, those who trust Julie and those who question her.  But they side with her.  However, she asks Ham to help them, even if he does not trust her.  They go to a water treatment facility (basically pumping water to be stored and brought to their ships) to do some recon.  Afterwards, Mike and Julie get all romantic at the base camp.

The next day Robin goes into convulsions, no one knows what to do until Willie offers to help and is able to perform what looks like a chiropractic move that results in ending the convulsions.  Willie’s is gaining trust.  Maggie is asked by her boyfriend Mark to marry him and she says yes.  Mark should know better that to do this right before a mission.  Nothing ensures you will not survive a mission like that.  That night an assault on the water processing plant is put into motion.  Julie struggles to fight, but she seems to be having a tough time shaking the reprogramming that Diana has attempted.  There is another shootout, and they plant many explosives, destroying the plant after a narrow escape.  And Mark gets killed.  Water floods from plant in such abundance that it causes mudslides and even destroys freeways.  Good thinking rebels.

Mark’s death leads to Julia concluding that “making plans is bad.”  She is frustrated by her lack of simple control-such as remembering if she is left or right handed.  This angst is interrupted when Diana and Steven appear on TV with Sean saying they found this kid and he’s looking for his dad.  So they trade Mike for Sean to the Visitors.

On the ship, Oliver of the Fifth Column introduces himself to Mike.  Oliver is there to ask Mike to commit suicide, but Diana’s guard run in to…uh…save Mike?  Diana injects him with a truth serum that supposedly no human can resist.  She asks who his Fifth Column contact is-which is bad, because Martin is standing right there.  Martin fires on the guards and Diana runs.  Martin and Mike make a run for it.  Meanwhile, Robin goes into labor.  Julie calls for Willie to help with the birth, along with Robin’s father and Harmony.

They perform a cesarean and deliver a beautiful little baby girl who sudden spits out a forked tongue.  Julie suddenly realizes Robin is having twins.  And the second baby crawls out on it’s own…it’s an ugly green puppet!  To be continued…

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