Have Our Values Changed…

Hey, Rep. Gohmert.  People were willing to give up their liberty for perceived safety for eight years.  Now you worry about people giving up their liberty…and you consider the Miss U.S.A. pageant pics an example of that?

“If a guy dressed like that, he’s covered under the hate crimes act.”  What the hell does that even mean?  Who elects these guys?  Republicans really do hate smart people, don’t they?

But really, Mr. Hannity…really… these pictures of the most depraved sample you have of fallen values.  From a beauty pageant that has always played up sexiness?

Bonus Gohmert:

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  1. The “if a guy would dress like that” was a bit of the far rights belief that the Employee Non-Discrimination Act means people will be forced to hire crossdressers and transsexuals.

    Of course they generally use schools as the example of places that will have to hire them.
    (Because, you know, all non-traditional non-heterosexual people are out to molest your children)

    What gets me is how women in lingerie is signs of how our ‘values shifted and changed”, but folks carting around signs of the president as a witch doctor?
    That gets no outrage from Hannity.

    Then again, blatant racism WAS just fine back in that mythical 1950s era that a lot of the Right seems to want us to go back too.

    Racism = Fine
    Women in sexy outfits = BAD.

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