V:This Time It Is Final! (Part 1)

The title the Final Battle is kind of the same idea here as Friday the 13:The Final Chapter was the fourth and final Friday the 13th movie.


The big difference is that this film is shot entirely in slow motion.

Just kidding.  The story begins with Mike and his son Sean running through the halls of a Visitor ship in slow motion.  They are being fired at, and Sean gets Sho-WAIT!  Fooled you, it’s just a dream.  Mike wakes up.  It’s a few months later and the rebels have taken to wearing black.  They launch an assault on a food processing plant, as it appears the Visitors have established their own military presence.  I noted a lack of religion in the previous mini-series, it turns out they have a Priest in the resistance now.  Meet Father Andrew Doyle (Thomas Hill).  He apparently has hung out with guerrillas and helps plan battles.

Meanwhile, Robin has not told anyone who her child’s father is.  So her sister doesn’t understand why making jokes about the Visitors being lizards freaks Robin out.  Robin is also experiencing a strange side effect of the pregnancy.  A green scaly spot near her neck has formed.

Kristine, on the other hand, is starting to find her job stifling.  The Visitors keep promising special and exclusive interviews that never materialize.  They promise her a really big announcement.  We also find that Daniel has been promoted to the head of the L.A. chapter of the Visitor Youth program.  He apparently knows Elias, from whom he scores some pot.  In return he lets Elias steal stuff.

Daniel and a goofy young Visitor get high in a shuttle, then he notices some doctors and Daniel decides to prove a point.  He’s better than them.  He confronts the doctors.  As a form of sientist, the Doctors have no support here.  He demands a doctor kneel, a Visitor guard forces the doctor to his knees.  Daniel commands the doctor clean his boots with his tongue.

Kristine meets Dr. Walker (Don Starr) at the medical center (this is where Juliet used to work).  Walker is belligerent, accusing her of being a press secretary at best and a traitor to mankind at worst.  He declares the Visitors fascists and walks off to his office, where he finds Brian waiting.

You know, for being a famous fugitive whose face was all over TV before the Visitors arrives?  He walks the streets pretty freely with not a single person noticing him.  He meets with Martin to try and get weapons and uniforms.  Martin will get him uniforms, but the weapons are kept under strict coverage and always accounted for.

When Kristine next meets Dr. Walker he is all excited to see her and discuss the kindness of the Visitors.  Meanwhile, Mike sneaks into his mother’s home to get a hold of a pass for the big event the Visitors are planning.  It is here we discover his father no longer cares for the Visitors and has descended deeper into alcoholism.  In a nice cameo, Dick Miller plays a counterfeiter with technology straight out of Star Trek the original series (down to rapidly blinking lights).  He duplicates the passes.  Mike gets caught by his mother, who is still more enamored with prestige she feels she gets from the Visitors.  She starts to shoot at Mike, but he gets away.

Mike tries to get Kristine to see the light, but she tells him she is not an ally of his.  Mike is recognized for the first time by Visitor guards who chase him on horseback.  He gets away, and Juliet is not pleased with his reckless behavior.  But Kristine is made curious.  She finds the people stored for food and she becomes uncomfortable.  She is discovered by Steven, whom Diana suspects is trying to usurp her authority.  Kristine convinces Diana that she was just lost.  Or, at least, Diana pretends to have accepted this.

We finally check in with Harmony and Willie, who have an even deeper relationship, though they are having a hard time meeting up, now that Willie’s work detail seems to have changed.  Willie is still largely unaware of the true purpose for which the Visitors are on Earth.

Caleb and Elias are storing weapons for the press conference when Willie and Harmony stumble in.  They take them in to the rebel base.  Harmony is horrified to find that Willie is a lizard…but not as terrified as Robin who realizes her baby is not going to be human.  They fight over abortion, with most of the rebels opposing Father Doyle who is opposed to aborting the baby.  He believes it to be a ray of hope, that the two races might co-exist after all.  They prepare to abort the fetus, but start to wonder if it will be possible when the attempt to abort starts to harm the life of Robin.  They give up.

At the star studded gala event the rebels sneak in preparing to put their plan in action.   On the Mothership, Martin and Barbara prepare to make sure the broadcast is not interrupted.  We find the Visitors are announcing a vaccine that eliminates cancer entirely.  Kristine announces him and the John (the Supreme Commander) steps forward to deliver his speech.  The rebels take over the room, and Juliet rip off John’s face on national TV announcing the Visitors are here to rape our planet and save our family.   Diana tells Kristine to tell the world it was a terrorist hoax.  But Kristine gets a bit of nobility and tells the viewers they have now seen the true face of the Visitors.  Diana proceeds to shoot and kill her.  In the escape, Juliet gets left behind, while the other rebels are caught on the roof by a crew of Visitor military who take them on a shuttle.  But it turns out that the shuttle is actually full of rebels in uniform.  Juliet is caught by Diana who plans to try and convert her.

Mike’s mother Eleanor helps the Visitors create a fake broadcast of the event to cover their tracks.  The episode ends with Juliet in the Visitor Conversion chamber.

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