What… Brent Bozell Omit About the Facts?

In an attempt to shame critics and film makers, Brent Bozell tried to paint the pre-release support of Kick Ass as some elite liberal lefty media cause.

Now, I am not surprised…Bozell is about a certain type of Christian Conservative Paranoia pandering.  Facts get in the way of most of his “pro-family” arguments.  He’s part of that group that sincerely thinks it is hard to be a Christian in America.  Who sees calling the Catholic Church to accountability as mere attacks and smears of a pure and holy organization.  That there is no criticism of Obama from the left.  That complain about sit-coms poking fun at Frosty the Snow man.  In the article he nicely omits that there were conservatives and libertarians that defended not just the film Kick Ass, but Hit Girl in specifics.  And very notable liberal critics also slammed the movie.  But those are not useful bits of information.  I am particularly tickled by the suggestion that the film’s box office somehow embarrasses the people who liked it and gave it good reviews.

Just because a movie has poor box office, and was not a cultural hit?  Doesn’t mean it was not good.  I am not embarrassed by liking movies that were not hits.  And sometimes, it’s true, a good movie failed because audiences just were not ready or did not know what they were going in to see.  But they were expecting something other than what they got.

But if Box office success is so meaningful..what about the success of Avatar, Brent?  Mr. Bozell is pretty quiet, at least, he doesn’t seem to have devoted a column yet trying to prove how it’s success is proof that people don’t want to see movies with violence or pro-environmental messages in them.*  Avatar is an okay movie.  But it raked in far more than superior movies have.  So, it must be high art and not junk.  After all, the masses saw it, and we know that box office is how you know junk is junk.  The people voted… right?

*Oh wait-Bozell mocked someone for suggesting the success of Avatar is proof American’s acceptance of certain values-or the rejection of Sarah Palin and Tea Party folks who cry Drill Baby Drill.

2 thoughts on “What… Brent Bozell Omit About the Facts? Leave a comment

  1. Wow.
    L. Brent Bozell.
    I had kind of forgotten about him.
    I was a big wrestling fan in the 90s/early 00s, and Bozells “Parents Television Council” was constantly hounding the then WWF.

    Basically claiming whenever anything bad happened and the kid was wearing an “Austin 3:16” or “The Rock Says” shirt that the bad event was wrestlings fault.

    WWE even sued and they (PTC) had to pay like $3,000,000.

    The thing that gets me about Bozell and his ilk are that they do not want to, say, inform people and let them make their own choices.
    (Example: Telling parents that Kick-Ass isn’t some family friendly thing like Iron Man)

    He and his ilk want to ban anything that offends them, by government rule preferably.

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