So, About That Government Overreach…

I am fascinated by the fact that when it came to Healthcare Reform, when supporters state that even if the reform was not perfect?  Something is better than nothing is not considered an adequate response.  But apparently, a scary law gets enacted in Arizona and… hey, what else are they supposed to do about people in the country illegally?!  Something is better than nothing, I guess.

At first, I felt confident that this was going to unite people.  Conservatives seemed as uncomfortable with the law as Liberals.  Now, sure, Conservatives and Republicans hedged their bets in a lot of cases…but they were clear to say the law is not good.

Then I get shocked this morning when I hear folks defending the law.  Pat Buchanan and McCain have both defended the law, Tom Tancredo and Palin call the law reasonable…and Texas is considering a similar bill.  I am sure that the Tea Parties will jump up to lead the protest!  I mean, here we have a real version of the things they are scared of!  The over reaching of the government, invading the lives of legal citizens (in the name of reducing the presence of people who are not citizens).  And the Arizona Tea Party?  Silent.  They are to busy complaining about Health Care to address the very thing they claimed Obama is doing…but when it is Republicans infringing on our rights, they have a lot of practice keeping silent.  Wonder why that is?

(I would be more than happy if the Tea Parties ran out to decry this law, it might actually suggest that there is more to them than there seemed to be)

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  1. The thing that got me was earlier today when I saw Sarah Palin claiming there was NOTHING in the bill that could encourage racial profiling.

    You know, to all those who claim that there’s no racial profiling in the bill, I hereby have a new demand.

    Name me atleast 10 signs of being an illegal immigrant other than race.

    I mean if my blond haired, blue eyed cousin did these 10 things, they should be asked to prove their citizenship.

    Seriously what are these signs, other than race, which born citizens don’t fit that “illegals” do?

    Clothing? (I wear old boots)
    Music? (I listen to Azam Ali, should I be pulled over?)

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