Unlike Democrats, Republicans Never Remember The Anniversary of a Terrorist Act

Last Monday, among other things, was the 15th Anniversary of the second largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

Understandably, people took time to remember the loss of life that happened that day.  Also, some noticed a similarity between the rather scary culture that existed and fueled that attack and now.  This only makes sense, as we have seen a massive rise in Militias since the election of Barack Obama.

Bill Clinton stated:

Oklahoma City proved that beyond the law, there is no freedom, and there is a difference between criticizing a policy or a politician, and demonizing the government that guarantees our freedoms and the public servants who implement them. And the more prominence you have in politics or media or some other pillar of public life, the more you have to keep that in mind. I acknowledged that in my political career, I had more on than one occasion, in the face of a government policy I disagreed with or a practice that I thought was insensitive, referred in a disparaging way generally to “federal bureaucrats,” as if all of them were arrogant or insensitive or unresponsive, and I have never done it again. You could not read the stories of the lives of the people who perished in Oklahoma City and not respond in that way.

Sounds pretty reasonable, right?  Clinton didn’t name any name except for his own.

Obviously, of course, Michelle Bachmann took the same reasoned idea from Clinton’s statements.  Oh, wait… She ddn’t do that.  Instead, she presumed this was all about her.

“Because I’m using a statement like ‘gangster government,’ I’m responsible for creating the climate of hate that could lead to another Timothy McVeigh and another Oklahoma City bombing.   I’m in my second term as a Congresswoman and the former president of the United States decides I’m important enough to take me out!”

And then she goes on to say

They said that Bill Clinton gave a speech yesterday — the former president — at the Center for American Progress, John Podesta’s group. He gave a speech, and he called me out in his speech, and he was talking about the anniversary — Now, only Democrats would do this. The anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing by Tim McVeigh. I mean, we don’t celebrate these things. This is not what we celebrate. So he was at this celebration, supposedly.

She has a point.  You never saw Republicans doing any such thing since 2001.  George Bush and Republicans never did anything so crazy as celebrating a terrorist attack.  They would never declare the date of a major terrorist attack a national holiday or anything so crass as that.  Damn, dirty Democrats.

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1 thought on “Unlike Democrats, Republicans Never Remember The Anniversary of a Terrorist Act Leave a comment

  1. Let’s see.

    Republicans don’t make note of dates of terrorist strikes.
    John McCain never considered himself a Maverick.
    Folks show up at tax day events complaining of raised taxes, and with pictures of Ronald Reagan, suggesting Taxes were lower under him.


    I really think the Republican Party and Tea Party should make Mr. Adam Savage their new spokesperson

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