Really, Arizona… How Do You Think This Is Gonna Work?

Do you really think John McCain is as likely to get pulled over and asked for his papers as Jaun Hernandez?  Do you really think this is anything other than bigotry and Birther hysteria, folks?

As journalist Tina Dupuy tweeted:

Arizona’s “freedom” looks a lot like a police state.

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3 thoughts on “Really, Arizona… How Do You Think This Is Gonna Work? Leave a comment

  1. I hereby vote that there should be an addendum to the bill, that whenever the cops do pull people over and ask for their papers, they must do so while affecting a strong German accent.

    “Vere are your paperz?”

    Hey, if the laws going to be ridiculous, so should the enforcement.

  2. we talked about this at Bible study last night. What some of the proponents have suggested is that it is not that onerous, but we believe that being Hispanic in Arizona (or Muslim/Arab at an airport) and regularly being single\d out by law enforcement will inevitably lead to some occasional frictions, sometimes to bad result. Having been profiled, I relate; the fact that THESE particular actions don’t target me does not take me off the hook from protesting it.

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