Non Defense Defenses

Not long ago I read this statement:

I’m willing to die to prove my God exists, are you willing to die to prove he doesn’t?

And I am just going to say it.  That is one of the stupidest things I have ever read.  I am serious.  If you think this is remotely meaningful?  You are pretty much stupid.  I don’t say that to be mean.  But I do say that wake you up.

Reason # 1:  There is no person’s death who will prove the existence that God exists.  Not a one.

Reason # 2:  If mere death proves God…I guess we are all fools and there really was spaceship behind the Hale-Bop comet.

Reason # 3: I suspect no atheist would die to prove that God does not exist because they are smart enough to know that their death would not prove there is no God.

A willingness to die for what you believe does not prove your belief is true.  It’s not incontrovertible evidence that one belief system is superior over another.  People have died for many things.  All that a willingness to die for your beliefs really shows?  That you are sincere.  It is a testament to your faith.  That is it.  But it is a not testament of the factual nature of what you believe.

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  1. You’re missing perhaps the most obvious (and admittedly controversial and offensive) example.

    Assuming it’s a (person who atleast calls themselves a) Christian using that argument, then by that logic doesn’t all the Islamic terrorists who are perfectly willing to kill themselves for their faith prove that Muhammad was right?

    I mean most Christians today idea of dying for their God is a purely theoretical example, we do know loads of Muslims will really go through with it.

    (Note: I wish to let it be known I am not trying to stereotype all Muslims as terrorists. As should be obvious, they’re not.
    I have nothing against Islam, or those who follow it peaceably, which as far as I can see is the vast majority of it’s followers.)

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