April 15th…

On my way to work, some guy was holding a “don’t tread on me” flag.

You know what?  I am tired of this.  I am tired of these people pretending to be patriots.  People who couldn’t lift a finger to complain for eight years.  Only after Bush is out of office do they express a lack of favor with his policies.  I am tired of these people who suddenly “want their country back!”

The country is still here.  You were not worried when George Bush actively wanted to take away our rights, but now, health care, that’s practically Hitler all over again!  I paid in for the first time in my life this year.  I have no problem with that.  Sure, I didn’t like doing it.  But you know what I really don’t like?  You know who will pay less in Taxes to the U.S. Government than I?

A lot has been made of this study from 2009.

Nobody talked about this part:

Of course, income taxes don’t tell the whole story. Workers are also subject to payroll taxes, which support Social Security and Medicare.

When considering federal income taxes in combination with payroll taxes, the percent of households with a net liability of zero or less is estimated to be 24% this year, according to the Tax Policy Center’s estimates.

But hey, that sounds less outrageous. It also should be noted that, hey, Republicans helped in this.  Families get a ridiculous amount of tax cuts.  $1000 per kid.  Per kid.  We must be giving the Duggars a lot of money (see, Quiverfull folks are totally right about what a blessing kids are!).

That is not what bugs me though.  You know who paid the U.S. Government less in taxes than me this year?  Exxon. $10.3 billion in pretax income.  Considering I made under $35,000 this past year?  That seems kind of messed up.

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  1. Oh, and the other thing? People only pay social security tax only on the first $100K they make in a year.

    And I agree with you about the teabaggers. All that rage at the government and it only happens to come to a head when a Democrat, especially a BLACK Democrat, takes office? These were the same people telling Natalie Maines to “shut up and sing” when she complained about Bush at the start of the Iraq War.

  2. All I can really say is Amen.

    Well I can say more actually.

    I remember not long after Obama was elected seeing this one clip from one of the pre-Tea-Party stuff with this one woman about my age talking about how “She was never interested in politics” but now she was “scared of the direction our country is going in” and wanted to get back to “what the founding fathers” wanted.

    Okay, I’m 28, this woman was in her 20s.
    The First WTC bombing in the 90s? She wasn’t interested.
    9/11? This lady wasn’t drawn into politics.
    The Patriot Act? (Wiretaps for all!) She didn’t care.
    The war in Iraq? Nope, still not enough to get her attention.

    A guy named “Barack Obama” gets elected President and NOW it’s time to get worried?

    The HCR thing hadn’t even started yet.

    I’m sorry Miss whateveryournameis, but if you were old enough to understand what happened on 9/11, and it didn’t strike you as important enough to start paying some attention to politics?

    I’m not really sure why we should care about your opinion on politics now.

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