If Only There Weren’T So Many Whores

It starts out good…but then it goes way off track. How do I mean? I love you, Tina…but the problem is not with the Bombshell McGees of the world.   The problem is with the Jesse James of the world. When someone is cheating on their spouse, you know who is to blame? The jackass who is married. Not the person they are cheating with. Should that person involve themselves in a relationship with someone who is married? Of course not. But are they the ones who made a marriage commitment?  NO. The person with the responsibility to not have an affair? It is the person who is married. If there were no Bombshell McGees, guess would find someone else to cheat with. You know better, Tina, I know you do.On the other hand? If you are a Neo-Nazi? You are a person of questionable moral character. But that is another post entirely.

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2 thoughts on “If Only There Weren’T So Many Whores Leave a comment

  1. Thom – relationally, you may be right – though the other party has certain responsibilities, too.

    But comedically,I think Tina’s right. It’s Women’s News. these “skanky” women are diminishing it for “the rest of us.”

  2. I can see that view on it, though, it just kind of irks me when people act like it’s the skanks stealing all the husbands… I mean, a lot of “sweetheart” types steal husbands as well.

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