Unlike Democrats, Republicans Never Remember The Anniversary of a Terrorist Act

Last Monday, among other things, was the 15th Anniversary of the second largest terrorist attack on U.S. soil. Understandably, people took time to remember the loss of life that happened that day.  Also, some noticed a similarity between the rather scary culture that existed and fueled that attack and now.  … Continue Reading Unlike Democrats, Republicans Never Remember The Anniversary of a Terrorist Act


I would like to ask something of you, dear reader.  Reader whom I love. I am looking to start living a high profile, lavish Hollywood Lifestyle.  You know what I mean.  And that costs money.  Money I don’t have.  I have repeatedly asked my employer to raise my salary to … Continue Reading Hello

Really, Arizona… How Do You Think This Is Gonna Work?

Do you really think John McCain is as likely to get pulled over and asked for his papers as Jaun Hernandez?  Do you really think this is anything other than bigotry and Birther hysteria, folks? As journalist Tina Dupuy tweeted: Arizona’s “freedom” looks a lot like a police state.

It’s the 90’s All Over Again…

Yeah, Rush… David Koresh was just some innocent victim-and Waco should be treated with the same reverence as the Oklahoma City Bombing.  Sure thing.  And it was all Clinton’s fault that Tim McVeigh killed all those kids. Rush Limbaugh:  Dimbulb or Dull Minded?

April 15th…

On my way to work, some guy was holding a “don’t tread on me” flag. You know what?  I am tired of this.  I am tired of these people pretending to be patriots.  People who couldn’t lift a finger to complain for eight years.  Only after Bush is out of … Continue Reading April 15th…

I Wonder How Long It Will Be

Before E! cancels it’s new reality series Pretty Wild?  I am guessing, pretty soon.  Oh sure, caught possibly stealing is no murder-suicide… but when your show was portraying one of it’s leads as a victim of over zealous police…this presents a problem.

Hey Erick Erickson!

What kind of census are you filling out?  The one the government sent me?  Doesn’t ask about flushing.  Or anything else to terribly invasive either.