And I Was Only Kidding…

Surely no one was going to get violent over health care…right?  And yet there were online calls for assassination, calls for vandalism and people to take up arms against “tyrants”.  Really?  Tyrants?  Talk like this before 2008?  Would have been seen as treason.  But Sarah Palin calls for people to RELOAD on Twitter because she cares about America.

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  1. Typo in the title, which I only mention because it gets distributed in RSS feed.

    But to the matter at hand: I’ve worried about assassination attempts on Obama from his election in Nov 2008, and the temperature has has only gotten warmer.

  2. Hmm, I hadn’t seen the assassination thing.

    You know, maybe my recollection is wrong, but I don’t remember liberals saying Bush should be assassinated.
    I don’t remember signs like ‘A browning can fix this’ about Bush like have been seen at some of these Health Care events.

    I’ll acknowledge we did some “Hitler” comparisons too, but I don’t recall calls for assassination. (Impeachment? Sure. Assassination? Not so much)

    The sad thing is it really doesn’t surprise me at all.
    I was shocked when Obama got elected and am still desperately worried about potential assassination attempts.

    The simple truth is it’s not about the bill, it’s either

    A-Race based, in that no black person should be President.
    B-It’s a belief no one who isn’t REPUBLICAN should be President and all opposition to the party should be slaughtered.

    I’m actually not sure which is worse.

  3. There was an assassination joke make by an Air America host…but for the most part, I certainly would say that when it comes to threats on life, Conservatives make more threats.

    Of course, after Obama takes away the vote? Who knows, maybe we will see it differently. 😉

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