What a Difference a Day Makes

I admit, I had not really anticipated this morning.  It was a bit of a shock.  The roads were empty.  A few burned out cars.  Dying fires were creating an eerie glow in the pre-dawn darkness.  I was startled to see a young man wearing a Moveon.org T-shirt hurriedly limping along.  Then I saw what the  hurry was.  A small crowd of men and women with signs proclaiming Don’t Tread On Me and comparisons of Barack Obama as Hitler and Stalin.

I shamefully drove by.  I tried to get to my bank, but the building was almost a bit of rubble.  And it hit me… the economy was gone.  I looked out and saw that there was the tail end of rioting.  Now was the beginning of a new time.  By the end of the day, marauding bandits were attempting to steal rapidly depleting gas supplies.  What was left of the police were using whatever they could find to deal out old fashioned justice.

The new gangs, with names like Old Skool Patriots and Liberty Kounsel were proclaiming that they were saving us from an oppressive dictator.  They were going to rebuild a new America, one that was safe for good Christian families again.  They were going to  protect marriage from the Gays and Feminists.   They were going to see that the only people who got health care were people who were hard working.  No lazy unemployed people would have access to health care.  If you couldn’t afford it?  Tough luck.  Of course, there was no health services, the hospitals were ransacked.

Soon, the militias ran the remaining law enforcement out of town.  Washington, of course, was a different story.  There is was martial law.  Obama repealed DADT and gay soldiers rounded up Tea Party protesters.    Pelosi had all the Republicans brought before death panels and executed.  John McCain was the only one to escape, he busted his way out a side exit and disappeared into the night.  His last words were that he would be back, to stop the Oppressors of America, forcing people to endure access to health care and gays openly serving in the military.

Now the march to civil war has begun.  I would not have thought the health care bill would result in the collapse of America in a single day.  Silly me.  How will we ever survive?

Posted in: Politics, Satire

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