My Lawsuit.

I am suing the owners of Tom & Jerry.  Yeah, the cartoon cat and mouse.

See, as a youth, the fact that I shared a first name with a cat who was, essentially, the bumbling villain of the series, led to much teasing and humiliation.  It created unneed and unwanted stress that impacted my personal view of myself.  This resulted in poor self esteem that left me feeling alone and heart broken.

As I grew older, I was unable to overcome this damage that resulted in sharing the name of said cartoon cat.  The continued mockery made it hard to focus on my studies and resulted in poor grades.  Had it been Biff and Jerry?  I know that I would have lives a life free of teasing and being bullied.

So, Turner Entertainment?  Get ready to pay up.

Posted in: Pop Culture, Satire

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  1. Hmm, my first name is Tony, I guess I should sue pretty much every “Mafia” movie ever made.

    (although I must say, you have no idea how refreshing it was to see Iron Man made into a movie, so that FINALLY the guy with my name isn’t a thug….sure he’s a drunken jerk alot of the time, but atleast he’s not a mafioso.)

  2. Did not the performance of TOM & JERRY, the future Simon & Garfunkel, doing “Hey, Schoolgirl” salve the wound?

    And in any case, the image of a tomcat is generally thought to be a hypersexualized being. Which is good or bad, depending on your POV.

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