Net Worth…

So, the other night, I watched the Net starring Sandra Bullock.  The 1995 paranoia fueled thriller actually held up pretty well as entertainment.  There are a lot of nice character touches (specifically the Alzheimer’s afflicted mother who doesn’t remember her daughter and communication with people via only the phone to emphasize Bullock’s isolation from the world) and exciting action.  And an appearance by Rose from Lost!!!

At the same time, I could not help but chuckle throughout the film.  Its fears are still modern fears regarding identity theft, but it doesn’t show a lot of forethought as far as technology goes.  For example, everything is done with dial up.  I am pretty sure a well paid computer expert with the skills that Bullock’s character as having would have a setup for faster than dial up internet in 1995.  But she races through websites with almost no wait time.  And a coworker sends her a floppy disc with a website on it.  They use floppy discs exclusively in the movie saving tons of data without remembering how little space those floppies had.  I mean, many of the programs I purchased at that time were spread across anything from four to ten floppy discs.

But one thing that stood out?  Bullock’s win on Sunday night was clearly an apology for not even being nominated for the Net.

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