You Know…The Highlight of the Oscars…

For me was the interplay between Tina Fey and Robert Downey, Jr.  They had the entertaining interplay that was missing between Martin and Baldwin.  Both are much better at this, why was their delivery so stilted?

The horror tribute was questionable with some of it’s choices (Leprechaun and Twilight?).  The Hurt Locker was clearly in trouble as it won screenplay and sound editing.  Not good signs.  Really, I did not want Avatar to win, almost anything beating it out would have made me happy, but folks trying to pit it as ex against ex and some sort of attack on Bigelow trouble me.  Anyways, Ebert pointed out an editing win was a good sign.  But I was still skeptical.  And then they called the person I ex-wait…seriously?  Bigelow won?  Awesome.  But there is no way Best Picture won’t go to Av-wait, what did Tom Hanks say?  I am relieved and thrilled.  Bigelow and the Hurt Locker are fully deserving of their awards.

But really…it was so dull.  It is to bad, it started off fun with Neil Patrick Harris but just went downhill.  It was just boring.  If I was not working at the computer?  I would have walked away.  The most entertaining moments were shots of Clooney looking unimpressed and serious and Gabby from Precious, who seemed utterly charmed to be there.

Oh, and am I just warped…or is Helen Mirren gorgeous?

The Best Tweet:

bully_thelsb Streisand: “…the winner could be a woman.” Sure! That is, if James Cameron had a sex change during the commercial.

Of course he was WRONG.

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