Holy Sh*t

The Catholic Church… right on top of things… more about “Video: Holy Sh*t | The Daily Show | C…“, posted with vodpod

Petty Gossip…

The Pope apparently thinks the news that he helped protect and enable a Priest to molest over 20 kids is simply petty gossip.  Instead of addressing this scandal in any honorable or truthful way, the Pope instead is trying to turn this into an attack on the Church from outside … Continue Reading Petty Gossip…

Really, Mr. Cantor?

You are going to blame the Democrats for getting death threats and ruthless hate voice mails? Democrats are getting phone calls telling them they will have to “look over their fucking shoulders.”  People filled with rage and hate like they have never felt? Having listened to these various phone messages?  … Continue Reading Really, Mr. Cantor?

How Dare They!!!!

So, you may or may not have heard about a crazy little incident at Amazon.  On Sunday morning, I noticed on Twitter Gail Simone was pushing this outrageous Amazon sale.  So I started looking at the books…I was seeing $60 books going for $8.99-$14.99.  I added several items I thought … Continue Reading How Dare They!!!!

My Lawsuit.

I am suing the owners of Tom & Jerry.  Yeah, the cartoon cat and mouse. See, as a youth, the fact that I shared a first name with a cat who was, essentially, the bumbling villain of the series, led to much teasing and humiliation.  It created unneed and unwanted … Continue Reading My Lawsuit.