Captain America Hates The Patriotic Tea Party

Or… Captain America Points Out That the Tea Baggers Are Primarily White… White Tea Baggers Flip Out.

Really?  Haven’t you heard?

The comic hit the stands, a blogger flipped, Joe Quesada backed down and then Fox News declared Victory.  Should they?

The right is scrambling to claim how big tent the tea partiers are.  The Tea Party protests are not anti-Obama rallies they say.  Yes, which explains the enormous number of signs equating the man with Hitler Stalin, and whomever else.

They are not racist.  Which explains their emphasis on Barack Obama’s name as some sort of bad omen.  Which explains why they would cheer the call for a return to the Jim Crow era.

They aren’t all white.  Okay, that’s fair.  I mean, they might be 97.3 %, but that is not ALL white.  And if a few have tans or sunburns, we can call them diverse.

After that Tea Party convention, the attempts to say “We are a non-partisan hotbed of diversity!” really ring hollow.  Bill Clinton was hospitalized tonight.  Know what the Free Republic’s moderator was doing tonight?  Deleting message after message hoping Bill Clinton dies.  I don’t think the man’s perfect…but he is certainly less deserving of such asshole-ish behavior than other politicians (*cough* Cheney *cough*) and I think it would be poor form to do so then.  So, stop trying to bullshit us Tea Party folks.  You are a right wing group made up almost entirely of white people who support hateful ideas.   And you know what?  Joe Quesada was wrong to cave to the Tea Party whiners.

Brendan McGuirk was right…no apology is actually needed.  The Tea Party’s have shown themselves to be against things that Captain America and his compatriots stand for.  Tolerance, compassion and Justice… among other things.  These are things the Tea Party supporters regularly mock.   Marvel should leave the signs as they are.

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