Colorblind Casting

Seriously, David and Cheryl Lynn wrote these really interesting and thoughtful posts.  I can’t add anything, because, (rather expectedly) they say it so well, I would just be reduced to basically committing plagiarism.

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  1. My only real problem with the colorblind casting is that most of the casting sucks.

    See, I’m fine with, say Michael Clark Duncan as Kingpin, because he fits the part.

    Or to use another of the colorblind castings I’ve seen Diego Luna as Gambit. (So long as Diego can fake a Cajun accent)

    But Kanye as Archangel?
    Wanda Sykes as “Bones” McCoy?

    That’s just plain horrible ideas, and pure tokenism.

    Speaking as a mixed race person (Black/White/Native American) I can understand the strong desire for more character representation.

    Sure Marvel and DC have some POC characters, but alot of time they are shoved into the background.

    Sure Blade was the first hero to make money at the box office in a long time…but I don’t exactly see Marvel trying to make a Misty Knight movie, or DC doing anything with, say, Black Lightning.

  2. My feeling about colorblind casting is that it oughn’t be tokenism. On the other hand, when some of these characters were written, the society was so color-biased that accommodations should be made. I remember when Greg Burgas used to do movie recasts – I almost always picked POC for some of the character.


  3. When I recasted a Flash Gordon reboot, I came up with:
    Flash Gordon:Lorentz Tate
    Dale Arden: Kelly Hu
    Dr. Zarkov:Paul Giamatti
    Ming the Merciless:David Bowie
    Princess Aura:Freida Pinto
    Prince Baron: Johnny Depp
    Prince Vultan:Djimon Hounsou

    I don’t disagree with some creative casting choices that ignore color… but I would prefer to see Marvel/Disney and DC/Time Warner elevate the presence of their characters who are not white. I think you could make a killer movie by adapting Milestone characters.

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