iPad Touch And Marvel…

I never have purchased an iPhone…but the iPad is intriguing.  It seems Marvel doesn’t currently have a thought out plan for this “game changer”.

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  1. I still prefer the old fashioned paper myself.

    Especially since I love my local comic shop, the people who run it are basically the exact reverse of the “Comic Book Guy” stereotype.

  2. Personally, I prefer holding a book, comic, etc. My concern with the downloading of everything is what is lost. Really, people often counter Blu-Ray with online streaming… streaming is the future…maybe it is true…but streaming also likely means less for the same. Look at the cost of a movie on iTunes. New movies are actually pretty close in price to simply buying the DVD or blu-ray…and you get less product and interactivity. Heck, it’s more than the price of seeing the movie-and you are getting a lesser quality image.

    And for people that just watch a movie and forget about it? I see why they don’t care about the cost here. But what people don’t get, and they are being short sighted about? Do you really think that once Blu-Ray and DVD are gone… Netflix will allow unlimited online streaming for $10? Heck no. And Cable companies have entertained bandwidth limits and charging extra when you cross over the limit (like going over your cell phone minutes)… if streaming becomes the standard, I would bet good money that such things would come to pass. It won’t get cheaper… it will get pricier. Heck, look at E-Music. I used to get 100 downloads for $25. Now for $20, I get 50. Shockingly, I put my account on hold a lot.

    It’s the same with books, online books are not that cheap. At Amazon, the hardcover copy of Game Change is a $ more than buying it for the Kindle. $9.99 is more than a lot of paperback books cost.

    This shift to digital for everything… I guess I know how those record aficionados feel when they complain about all that was lost when the LP lost favor for more compact product and the loss of album art. But seriously, this is not a march towards progress. Says the guy with 20,000 songs in a little black box.

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