It’s About Keeping It Classy… Part 1

Great job NY Times.

I mean, yeah, it is not the most flattering dress on a clearly beautiful woman.  If you were like me, and don’t watch Madmen, you might have asked who this lady was.  I didn’t realize I had seen her on Joss Whedon’s Firefly.  Anyways, this is the woman that was referred to as “big”.

Really... wow

Here is the same woman at the Golden Globes (an organization so classy they saw fit to honor and laugh with a convicted rapist) in the dress a big girl ought not wear:

That is the woman charged with being a “big girl”.  Um, yeah, she is… endowed…she is curvy overall.  But she is not “big”.  Now, where would anyone get the impression she was?

OOooooh.  I get it.  Listen, it’s not like it would be bad if she was a big girl.  But it seems to me women have enough weight crap shoveled at them without being told that Christina Hendricks is a big girl.

Unlike the NY Times, you will never see me distort a picture to make someone look different.  In other news, I’ve been working out:

2 thoughts on “It’s About Keeping It Classy… Part 1 Leave a comment

  1. If Christina Hendricks is “big” then this world most assuredly needs more “big” women.

    Even in the distorted picture she still looks worthy of risking going to the special hell for.

  2. Ooh! That makes me so mad! I didn’t know who she was but both my husband and myself were like “Woah! Who is that super hot lady?!” They really called her a big girl!? Yes, heaven forbid a woman have actual breasts – the nerve of some (lucky) women!

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