I Believe In Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Good for Former President Bush and other conservatives who called Rush and supposed servant of God Robertson on their idiocies.

Posted in: Politics

4 thoughts on “I Believe In Giving Credit Where It’s Due Leave a comment

  1. I’ll always give W credit for seeming to care about the third world countries.
    He did a lot of good in countries like Haiti and Africa during his presidency.

    I’d argue he did much better job for those countries than he did for America, but atleast with W I can believe he was “misguided” with most of his American activities, as opposed to being just plain evil (Rush) or crazy (Robertson)

  2. Yeah… I actually felt like Bush was far to willing to believe in others, and picked his battles in the US poorly.

    Part of me was hoping he would surprise us all and do all this great humanitarian work-stuff like Haiti relief and the lot. Kind of go all Jimmy Carter…

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