My Top Ten Movies of 2009 (Honorable Mentions)

Carriers: Overall, I think I liked this paranoia infused film about people dealing a plague that has wiped out most of the world.  Star Trek’s Chris Pine leads a small cast dealing with character more so than effects.  This is not zombies…people simply die horribly.  But it’s most highly effective moment is a extended cameo from Christopher Meloni as a man trying to save his young daughter from the plague.  I really wish the rest of the film had the punch and heft of those sequences, this would be a killer film-easily the best thing of the year.

Jennifer’s Body: A social satire under the guise of a movie about a teenage hot girl who eats boys up-literally.  This is a far better film than many would expect, both witty and entertaining, Cody’s script smartly lampoons high school rivalry and friendship.  It is pretty much Mean Girls with more boy eating.  Really unless you hate Juno/Diablo Cody or well made satire, I would call this worth watching.  I think the film was hurt by Megan Fox backlash, which is to bad.  She is quite perfect in this role and suggests with the right script and director, she could be more than merely a “sexy visage”.  Although, boys seeing it in the hopes of seeing Fox naked will be disappointed.

Taken-You know if this starred Steven Segal, this would suck.  But Liam Neeson so makes this movie work.

A Christmas Carol-Really, this film worked, Carrey did a decent job and the 3-D really worked.

9-An interesting little film following rag dolls living in a post apocalyptic world where there is no life at all.  Visually stunning, though the story felt a bit confused.  Otherwise, the design sense of the film makes it worth catching.  The director definitely has a real vision.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince-Not perfect, but overall quite good.  It definitely has me interested in the final two films.  Plus it did away with that terrible Spider-Man ending of the book.

2012-I should so hate this…but Cusack and company made a film that is hysterically entertaining.  Really, I had fun watching the crazy insane stuff the film threw at us.

Avatar-Yup.  It’s Dances With Ferngully in space.  With Space Marines, just like Aliens.  And a burning horse creature like that burning moose in Knowing.  But it did it all nicely.  It looked good, and the characters were likable (though, Giovanni Ribisi’s Corporate Hack is just no comparison to Paul Reiser’s Corporate Hack from Aliens).  The effects were solid, and the design of the planet was lush and beautiful.  The 3-D was rather subtle, like Coraline, it mainly provided a sense of depth to the picture, rather than in your face objects flying at your head.

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