If You Are Writing Spider Man as “Gritty”…

You do not get the character.  Spider-Man, like Super-Man is not Batman.  No grim and gritty characterization is needed.  Peter’s life is full of problems, he is even a bit of a downer, but when he is Spidey?  He is upbeat-even in the face of persecution.  Parker may struggle with his situations and duel identity… but he is not “gritty”.

And an origin story?  Already?  We need a total origin reboot already?  This is not the Fantastic Four where they screwed it up twice.  It isn’t the Hulk where they just kind of missed the mark.  No, this is Spider-Man…where, they ostly got it right… especially in their supporting cast.  I will miss J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson and Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant.  Why not a soft reboot set in high school?

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