Are You Kidding Me?

Hey, all those you people who might agree with this?  I suspect most anyone who suggests Roeder not get 1st Degree murder here would lean conservative.  This argument justifies terrorists as well.


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  1. As I understand it, it is a sound legal tactic…

    It may not be as crazy as it sounds:

    But it has scary potential concerns:

    The Rev. Don Spitz of Chesapeake, Va., said he and other activists from the Army of God plan to observe the court proceedings quietly next week.

    “I am flabbergasted, but in a good way,” Spitz said of the judge’s decision.

    Spitz acknowledged that the possibility of a voluntary manslaughter defense may influence some people who in the past wouldn’t kill abortion providers because of the prospect of a sentence of death or life imprisonment. “It may increase the number of people who may be willing to take that risk,” he said.

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