My Top Ten Movies of 2009 Part 4

3. Moon-What a nice under stated sci-fi film.  To say more is to ruin it, but considering all you have on screen for an hour and a half is Sam Rockwell and a robot voiced by Kevin Spacey?  The story is incredibly compelling and emotional.  Both Rockwell and Spacey give great performances and make you care about what happens to them.

4. District 9-Although it kind of loses the initial premise of a documentary and devolves into an action film, it does both extremely well.  I really liked what they were going for and had a great time watching this.

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  1. “Moon” was excellent, a real return to hard SF. I look forward to showing it to friends who haven’t seen it.

    “District 9” was disturbing in ways that made me think about society in ways that “Avatar” didn’t. It disturbed the other viewers, too. Good film.

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