Digital Downloads Are the Future?

Thanks…I will pass.

A lot of the folks dismissing Blu-Ray are arguing that digital downloads are the future.  I can’t imagine how that is a good thing.  Sure, it’s fine if you just watch a movie once and forget about it.  But for people who like little things like audio commentaries, behind the scenes materials, picture in picture, etc will be losing the special features we adore.  But what do I know?  I still would rather read a book on paper than on my computer screen.

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  1. Much agreed.

    I do like using my Netflix membership to watch a good bit of stuff streaming, but that’s mostly cause it’s free with my DVD/Blu-Ray renting membership.

    Most movies I care much about I want o see the special features on.

    With books I tend to play both ways, any ‘real books’ like novels or short story collections and all I want to buy the actual book and hold it in my hands.
    The only digital download stuff I use is for RPG rulebooks. (Makes it MUCH easier to find a particular rule or such quickly)

    Plus the entire digital thing has an inherent problem to me of possible loss.
    I have a DVD/Blu-Ray or Book, something really bad has to happen to make that unusable.

    I have a digital version, and all it takes is my computer going wonky to lose it.
    Sure you can back it up in an external hard drive or something, but hey, you drop that and it’s gone too.

    To me hard copies are much more secure and thus a better value.

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