WB And the iTunes Digital Copy Issue…

Half Blood PrinceI am getting a lot of hits for this post the last several days.  I need to address this.  Back when I made that post, I was running into trouble with WB  Digital Copies.  By the time the Dark Knight came out, that seemed to be a resolved issue.  And as of the release yesterday of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, there appears to be no problems that I can see.  I was able to download the digital copy just fine.  It plays fine on my iPod.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering which edition (dvd, 2dvd, blu ray, special, limited etc.) you bought and where. I am from the Netherlands, and our release (both the Blu-Ray and the 2-DVD Special edition) come with a digital copy, albeit one in FUCKING(!!) WINDOWS MEDIA DRMED format (fuck you WB, die you rotting piece of shit, it rather take a fairplayed iTunes drm!)

    So that’s what I was wondering, since im considering buying it on Amazon. Please, amny advice you can give is appreciated, this window media drm digtal friggin’copy SUCKS! I like iTunes, so I contacted WB (warner bros.) and asked them for an iTunes digital copy… And guess what he said: They haven’t yet arranged or completed arranged the rights for movie distribution in iTunes in my country!!!!!!!!!! Then I said, you don’t need to, just start by offering Direct copy’s in iTunes.. Then the guy went like, “Well yeah, if the other studios get in line, you’ll be the first one to know.”

    Okay, here’s the point I llost it! Warner Bros only wants to start movie distribution (through iTunes) in the rest of Europe if they’re not the only ones in the store????!!!? Yeah right.

    Anyway, any advice… will be appreciated….

    Dear and kind regards, best of wishes, Dave, Netherlands.

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