Feeling Red Going Towards Blu…

So, apparently, HD-DVD is not going to surge into a comeback.  When the format war ended, it ended for good.

Warner Bros. has started a new program (actually, it has been running for a little while) for early Hi-Def adopters.  Specifically, it is aimed at the folks who were on the HD-DVD side of the war who have since moved to the Blu-Ray team.  People like myself (technically I was a double agent during the format war.  I got a deeply discounted PS3) to be honest.

It’s the Red2Blu Program.  You send Warner Bros the cover art to your WB HD-DVDs with a small additional fee per disc (most often $5, a bit more for sets) and they send you the Blu-Ray version.  If you are like me and bought discounted HD-DVDs after the format war was declared over, you still will not have paid full price.  This was especially nice for the Ultimate Matrix box set.  I will have paid far less than the $99 average the Blu-Ray set sells far…and the Animatrix is in Hi-Def (it was in Standard Def on the HD-DVD).

The only disappointed was I waited to long.  I wanted to get the Harry Potter box set in Blu just so when the final three films are on Blu-Ray, I would have the set in the same format.  But they no longer have that one available-just the single discs.

Certainly, Warner Bros is not doing this because they are altruistic, it’s about making some extra money.  And it’s the nicest, so to speak, way I have seen a company set out to make some extra dough off their customers in awhile.  I wish more studios would follow suit.  That’s basically Paramount and Universal.

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