Yeah, It’s Rough to Be Fully Abled…

To health-care reform opponents who see no problem with what happened hear?  Screw you.

(I included the above video for the first 2:50 minutes (give or take).  It gets ridiculously hyperbolic after that point…but this needs to stop.  Fox was promoting a guy whose finger was bitten off-by the the person he was attempting to punch.  Rice in fact, threw the first punch.  Sounds like self defense.  And the guy who lost his finger will be covered by medicare.)

(This is the video that the title of this post was inspired by)

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4 thoughts on “Yeah, It’s Rough to Be Fully Abled… Leave a comment

  1. “When asked why he heckled her, one person said ‘I didn’t come here to listen to peoples opinions.”

    Well, that pretty much sums it all up there doesn’t it?

  2. Well, we gotta stop Obama from turning us into Communist Russia. I can remember the fears of a Russian invasion of the U.S. back when I was a kid. Remember that scene in Red Dawn where the Russians forced everyone to have universal health care? Scary stuff.

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