How come he only names black people?  Would white women not abort?

This is as silly as the bumper stickers that say, “I’m Glad Abortion Wasn’t Legal for Mary”…really?  You think Mary would abort Jesus-the only reason she did not was it was not legal???

And you know…the “who would we have lost?” argument is absurd.  We also probably would not have had a lot of serial killers, rapists, child molesters, etc.  In fact, the odds are we would have been spared far more evil people than robbed of great leaders.

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  1. He mentions Obamas mom, and she’s white, then again in the eyes of most people she was carrying a ‘black’ child.

    But yeah, I hate the whole “We would have lost so many great people” thing.

    I hate to break Godwins law, but II always heard Adolf Hitlers father tried to drown him when he was born.

    Even if that stories not true, it’s true that he was the 4th kid, and according to Hitler himself his dad seemed to hate him.
    So imagine if Mr & Mrs Hitler had aborted him.
    We may have been spared millions upon millions of deaths from WW2 alone.

    Considering alot of the reason the Middle East seems to hate us is because of support for Israel and no WW2 = No Israel, it’s possible most of the people who have died in the Middle Eastern wars, and Mid-East inspired terrorism elsewhere, would all be alive today.

    Look, one potential abortion and untold millions of lives saved all over the world.

    I admit my argument is one-sided and takes a whole lot of stuff on faith (Like a similar, or even worse, leader coming to power in Germany) but hey, so does the other side of the argument.

    1. Oh yeah…I was thinking of the people he named and not their mothers…good point.

      But yeah, I find the “who would we lose argument” weak because, really? It suffers under a delusion that somehow the only reason some people are here is the availability of abortion. Plenty of kids who have traumatic upbringings were wanted kids. Their parents might have believed a child would fix their problems, a young woman might have had the baby believing it would love her unconditionally (I’ve actually heard women declare this-they do not feel loved by anyone, but a baby would love them)…it’s not like abortion is this “road block to being born every single developing kid has to face”.

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