Adult Movies Look Fine on the Small Screen

In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, writer Nicole Sperling asks why adult aimed dramas are tanking at the box office.  It is, according to the article, getting dire enough that studios do not want to risk a movie such as a bio-pic about Richard Pryor starring Eddie Murphy.  Films like the Soloist, State of Play and Frost/Nixon did terribly at the box office.  And the big question is: Why?  Why can’t potentially great films pull in a bigger audience.  I know my answer…

The cold hard truth for me?  Having a hi-def setup has honestly impacted how I see movies.  With a wide screen hi-def television, Blu-Ray player and a surround sound system?  I suddenly find that I judge seeing a movie based on how much I think it required a giant screen.  And you know what?  Few dramas (or comedies for that matter) require that big screen experience.  Star Trek, Iron Man, Wall*E, Transformers, Dark Knight, etc…effects and event movies?  Those call out with a big screen.  They demand to be seen at twenty times my size.  And if they have a solid plot, a good story and all the more?  Then it’s rewarding.  But truth be told?  The Reader does not scream “you need the darkended theater experience to truly appreciate this film!!!!”

No, character focused dramas-with little or no “spectacle”?  They feel like “renters” now.  I just plan to add it to the Netflix queue.  I know this is an answer that will bother some people, but if I have to pay ten bucks to see one movie?  It better feel like and event.  Doubt was a fantastic film.  But I did not need to see it in a theater to appreciate it.

And that is why I don’t run out to see Adult Aimed Dramas in the theater.

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