My Top Five Women that Crack Me Up: # 1

Shocking Choice!

1.Tina Fey

Okay, it is not a real shock.  A head writer of SNL, one of the few people that can credit a decent Lindsey Lohan movie on their resume, a hit series that seems loved by all.  And under her watch, SNL showed some rebirth (especially in the political humor) when they looked on their way out in the late 90’s.  That is talent.

Both as the SNL Head Writer and the face of Weekend Update, Fey endeared herself to a large audience.  She was proven witty and clever.  Then, woith Mean Girls?  She proved box office.  It’s the writing that really made that movie stand out…not Lohan.

And then Fey created a little show called 30 Rock.  What is funny, is when I first heard about it (a sit com about an SNL like show?) I was not interested.  I was far more interested in Aaron Sorkin’s similarly themed dramedy Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip.  I figured 30 Rock would tank.

Instead, I quickly lost interest in Sorkin’s show which failed to deliver, in spite of a great cast.  Then I watched 30 Rock.  Within about three episodes, I was hooked.  Cleverly written, pushing boundries, attacking sit-com conventions (sometimes by playing into them) 30 Rock made absurdity worth catching.  Fey keeps me in stitches, and I thank her for it.

Oh yeah…and the dead on Sarah Palin act made the election season bearable.

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