My Top Five Women that Crack Me Up: # 2

2.Jane Lynch

The top spot has been tough…because frankly, I love Jane Lynch.  If as a director, you walk up to me and say, “Jane Lynch is in my movie”?  There is a good chance I will see it.  Why?

I mentioned earlier a “lack of shame.”  Lynch appears to have no qualms about playing characters are not flattering.  And she goes all out.  There re actors that cannot pull this off.  But Jane Lynch almost seems to relish in over the top awkward characters.  And it pays off.

Although she has a wide history of roles (especially prolific in television), I first noticed Lynch as Christy Cummings in Best of Show.  It’s a great movie, but she stood out-especially her working chemistry with Jennifer Coolidge (who she shared most of her screen time with).  I am not alone in this, I suspect; it seemed that Christopher Guest’s films brought several people to greater attention.

She has a real knack or making the crass hysterical.  Plenty of times, crass is played for funny, but truth be told, most performers are not up to the task.  Lynch is incredibly good at finding the right mannerisms and physical cues to sell the crass humor.  A certain tone of voice, shift of the eyes, a particular stance.  She makes it seem effortless and natural.

Lynch has been recently seen on Party Down on Starz.  It is the only Starz show I have watched so far…but it is a definite winner.  And Jane Lynch is part of why.  As a d-level actress who has not quite caught on to how far her career has slid, Lynch’s Constance is an optimistic lover of cheese.  Totally worth watching.

Since I do not watch American Idol…I missed the much hyped Glee…but I just discovered she is part of the cast.  Guess I will be watching it after all.

Here is a fun interview with Jane from Chelsea Handler’s show.

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