My Top Five Women that Crack Me Up: # 4

4. Elizabeth Banks

Looking over her history, one might question Banks making this list.  She has not been solely a comedic actress, she has appeared in a variety of roles.  And yeah, she is more than attractive enough to skate by on roles that are glamorous or sexy. But the fact is, she is is a skilled comic.  And she takes a risky role, the person who is often the grounding personality.  And she is still funny.  Banks finds the humor in that character.  She makes Zak and Miri Make a Porno work, with a sweetness that sells the story.

(the following is NSFW)

Just watch the look of horror on Bank’s face.

On the other hand, she is more than willing to play the fool.  Just check her out as the bookstore employee in the 40 Year Old Virgin.  Or her role as Starla in Slither where she kisses a giant slimy monster (it’s okay, he was her husband in the film).

But she is not just funny with other people’s words.  She is funny on her own. (and she makes an Awesome Betty Brant in the Spider-Man flicks)

So, Elizabeth makes number four on the list.  Tomorrow is number 3.

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