DAG:I Don’t Dance

So, I read this interview with comic performer David Alan Grier.  In a “did you read what I just read” moment I noted the first two comments… You’re not funny. And you’ll never learn when to stop sticking your foot in your mouth. Just shut up and go away. and … Continue Reading DAG:I Don’t Dance

Another One?

Seriously…it seems like every Republican getting caught in adulterous relationships is one who has been a hard line critic of other politicians (Such as…say…Bill Clinton) for their entire careers.  So, if there is one lesson to be learned? If a politician is heavily moralizing about another politician’s behaviour and calling … Continue Reading Another One?

If I Was an Actor?

I would get roles as the fat friend.  I venture a guess in some movies I would be the sweet fat friend…in some the fat beer swilling buddy…whatever.  And I could probably keep getting work as soon as I found that right niche. I watched the House Bunny (Thanks Comcast … Continue Reading If I Was an Actor?

Left Way Back….

I am loving this blog…specifically this section following the Left Behind books.  It’s funny and thought provoking.  I am trying not to laugh to loudly as he brings to light the numerous flaws-both in theology and writing-of the series.

You Elitist You…

I confess…I am real tired of folks calling themselves the “ordinary” and “Normal folks”.  What do I mean? LaHaye’s common-sense reading of the Bible is also tied up with a still-aggrieved sense of social class. “Those millions that I’m trying to reach take the Bible literally. It’s the theologians that … Continue Reading You Elitist You…

I Got Nuthin’ Friday

Rush Limbaugh is claiming that Von Brunn is a left wing crazy.  Seriously.  And that just leaves me in awe.  If the man used his powers for insane logic for good?  Puppies and kittens would be friends.  Have a great weekend.