THEY RAPED __ ___________

No, this is not about the possibility of a Buffy movie lacking any of the characters, original cast or it’s brainchild.  That might come later.

I hate that.  Really.  I hate that rape is an acceptable metaphor for minor things.

People use rape to describe everything from having to pay taxes to things they love in their childhood being re-vamped without their “approval”.

Why?!  Why is this acceptable?  Do not misunderstand me, I know why people use rape as a metaphor. They want to express just how violated they feel.  I just question why it is not seen as offensive and obscene.  Seriously, do you think Michael Bay’s Transformers violated your childhood as much as this?  Is paying taxes really on par with this?

Think I am overstating it?  TaxesThe Friday the 13th remakeMovie franchisesA tough test in schoolBombing an audition(at the 5:54 mark).  Executives changing your TV Show. George LucasVideo gamesMovies based on children booksAmerican Idol.

Unless the I.R.S., Michael Bay or television executives burst through the door and raped you in a literal sense?  Find a more appropriate metaphor to express you disdain.  Because you know, the rape metaphor violates and demeans those who are victims of actual rape.  It suggests that rape is somehow no worse than a bad test in school.  Ironically, Dane Cook hits the nail on the head:

I think the word we need to remove from our everyday vernacular is the word “raped.”

I think the word raped gets thrown around far too casually. You ever listen to a bunch of guys playing video games with each other online? It’s like, “Ah man you shot me in the back dude. You raped me dude!”

I’m pretty sure if I talked to a woman who’s been through that horrific situation and I said, “What was it like you know being raped?” She’s not gonna look at me and go ,”Have you ever played Halo?”

Think about it, folks.  Dane Cook sees a problem with it…if he sees an issue and you do not?  Youneed to worry about yourself.

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  1. Same here.

    I’ve always tried to avoid using that word, though with how casually it’s thrown around now I admit I’ve slipped a time or two.

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