PC World:Buy a Mac…

So, PC World published an essay called Eight Reasons Your Next PC Should be a Mac.  In fairness, the same guy wrote a piece called Eight Reasons Your Next PC Should Be Windows, for the same publication.

Personally, as a Mac User, I think there are valid reasons for both.  If I was into writing programs?  I’d be a Windows PC user.  But having used both for graphics, video work and so on?  I’d rather use a Mac.  But I will note that what stood out to me was not the articles themselves…but the responses in the Mac article from readers.

Talk about bitter.  The readers over reacted more than slightly.  But what really made me chuckle?  Very few addressed the the eight points.  They ignored the majority of them.  And most stayed focused on the price.  But the truth is, those new windows ads showing the super cheap PCs vs the expensive Macs?  $699 is bare bones…I’ve looked them over.  But when I start looking at getting a PC that is close to what my Mac can do?  The price on the PC grows quickly.  As this blog points out, Apple is Selling computers.  Microsoft is selling software.  It does not have to be a mad dog fight.  I do not fault people for choosing Windows.  There are times when I would recommend it over a Mac.

And on the “Buy Windows” article?  The PC supporters are still complaining about the cost of Macs.  If the biggest complaint you have against Mac is the price?  Sure…don’t buy one, but do not pretend you are getting a better computer for less.  We really can get along fine, and PC World did not commit some crime by suggesting you consider one.

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