Republican Budgetary Know How…

Something that has been pretty clear is that Republicans, while highly critical of the Democratic stimulous plan,  have not really come up with anything on their own.  Republicans have pretty much been doing nothing but stalling and hoping everything blows up in Obama’s fault so people will panic and vote for them in two years.

But oh how wrong I am.  The Republicans walked forward yesterday to unveil their opposing Budget plan.  It did not actually have any numbers in it, so I am not sure that qualifies as a budget plan.  The Republicans went on to explain that they will reveal the actual plan next week.  Isn’t this like a store advertising that they are going to have an awesome sale where you won’t believe the prices-and then you walk in and they won’t tell you what the sale price is, because the sale is actually next week?

So yeah, the Republicans are not proving themselves to be  reasonable alternative here.

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  1. They are using exactly the same “marketing strategy” as Obama has used for himself and his agenda. If it’s OK for Obama to do such things, it must be OK for the GOP to do it as well. 😉

  2. I don’t know…I mean, Republicans seem to have a problem with Obama using a teleprompters, but they never claimed about Bushing using one. So, I don’t know if “what’s good for the good…” applies in politics anymore. 🙂

  3. Obama uses one far, far more than Bush ever did – or probably should have.

    That being said, you’re not wrong in your assertion that “what’s good for the good…” devolves to base hypocrisy these days. I’m afraid neither side in this ongoing war has much to work with in the way of politicians.

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