Love Ya…

So…if Paul Rudd is in a film, there is a good chance I will see it. I generally enjoy his performances enough that I will risk even movies that look bad. For example, I recently got Role Models from Netflix. It’s mildly entertaining, and has plenty of actors I like. And the message was pretty nice.

I love You, Man was one I figured I would rent. After all, along with Paul Rudd, there is Jason Segel (Freaks & Geeks, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, How I Met Your Mother). I have a soft spot for performers who seem to lack shame and will do awkward things for my entertainment. And then there is Rashida Jones, who I loved on the Office and was very disappointed when she was gone (but she is going to be on Parks and Recreation-Woo Hoo!). So it is not like there are not reasons for me to be interested in the film.

So, i was planning to put this in the Netflix Queue. Now I am wondering if I want to do that. See, the reviews are pouring in. And they are overwhelming positive.  Now I am thinking it might actually be worth seeing in the theater.  Huh.

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